Junk Treasures

“One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. Oh, how true this is. Within our own neighborhood, we have been fortunate to find many treasures for our home that others considered junk and threw in the garbage.

This table was just in need of a little paint. The chairs were left here by the previous owners.

We use this old sewing table as a desk. I used it for several years and now Sophia is using it.

This side table had a broken leg when we found it. Alexander fixed the leg and then we sanded and painted it to match Sophia’s bedroom.

The firepit is a recent find this summer. A neighbor received it for Christmas and never really used it. Lucky us. We have had several smores parties (gf cookies, marshmellows and chocolate) in our back yard this summer.

This is my favorite piece. A family moved out of their house and put a “FREE” sign on this piece. It sat there for several days before we took it. We couldn’t fit the top piece in our car so my husband had this brillant idea to wheel it home on Alexander’s skateboard. It worked perfectly!

While my sister was visiting in June, we were taking a walk with Sophia when we spotted a three piece couch set (couch, loveseat and chair)in a neighbor’s trash. Sophia was disgusted that they didn’t even try to freecycle it. She came home and talked Steve into bringing it home. He and Alexander cleaned everything up and sold the set for about $100 on EBay.

We have found other things like a rocking chair that Alexander fixed up and gave as a gift to his cousin Hannah, a coffee table for a friend that just moved into her own apartment, and more. For some odd reason we get great satisfaction out of finding free treasures that we would have spent tons of money on. What kind of great finds have you found?

3 thoughts on “Junk Treasures

  1. I loved this post! My most recent find was my wooden clothes drying rack, found the day my electric dryer went belly up. Another found item is Ryan’s TV that he uses to play video games on.


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