This morning Alexander was mowing the back yard while Sophia and I did some work in the front. Sophia is always fascinated by weeds. As with all things in nature, she sees the beauty in them and has a hard time pulling them and ending their lives. Today she saw an interesting one that reminded her of a pumpkin plant. I reminded her of how overgrown our yard is right now and to “please just pull it.” She said, “This is probably the cure for arthritis.”

4 thoughts on “Weeding

  1. Sophia would like the book “Wildflowers and Winter Weeds” by Lauren Brown. It gives line drawings of common weeds along with listing key characteristics. Also, I bet she would be interested in herbology.


  2. Darcy, thanks for the book recommendation. I have reserved it through interlibrary loan.Sophia is interested in herbology. She has set herself up on a schedule to study/memorize different herbs in the Warriors series. Last week we went online and found how all the same herbs are used for humans. She would like to start growing some of her own herbs.


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