Can’t I Look Cute On My Own?

Today while at Trader Joe’s, one of the gals that has worked there as long as we have shopped there said to me, “You look cute today. Did your daughter dress you?” Gosh, can’t I look cute on my own? I looked down to remind myself what I was even wearing today and although Sophia didn’t dress me, I did consult her before buying the sandals, capris and shirt I was wearing, so maybe that is why I looked so cute.

5 thoughts on “Can’t I Look Cute On My Own?

  1. Does this mean you usually dress uncute?? (new word) or does it mean you usually dress old for you age?? or does it mean Sophia has great taste? or does it mean that the lady is talking out her butt?? Sometimes when people compliment you doesn’t it seem like more of an insult??


  2. I should say that the gal did go on to tell her co-worker that Sophia always has the cutest clothes. She is always complimenting her on her outfits. Also, I think that just showing up with makeup and something other than jean shorts was impressive. I don’t do that often. 🙂


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