Spoiled Border Collie on the Premises!

Izzy, our 19 month old Border Collie, has become quite spoiled. Besides finding a comfortable spot in the house and then barking for us to come pet her,she is now waking me up at three or four in the morning for the sole purpose of petting her. For several nights I thought she needed to go outside, but slowly (it’s 3am!) realized what she was up to. One early morning I stood with the door open to go outside and she looked at me like, “What are you thinking Momma? Get over here and pet me.” The other morning after making sure she didn’t need to go out and being careful NOT to pet her, I said, “Izzy, go to sleep.” She barked her quiet – everyone is sleeping bark – and I told her again,”GO TO SLEEP.” She laid down in the hallway and exhaled loudly . She got up a few times and slammed her body down on the floor and whimpered like she was the most abused dog in the world. Finally, she fell asleep. Poor Izzy.

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