Shiny Gray Hairs are Here!

How do you like the new grays? You may be able to see the line developing in the picture of Steve, Sophia and me, but overall, I don’t think it is too bad. I can feel the true me coming out again. I love it!!!! By the way, if you haven’t noticed, Steve also has gray hairs coming in which I find very attractive!

Inspired by Anne Kreamer’s article in MORE magazine, I decided to read her book Going Gray . You may wonder the same question my husband and sister did, “How can someone write a whole book about going gray?” Well, I recommend this book to anyone over the age of 40, even if you aren’t considering going gray or you are already there! Anne Kreamer has a comical, real life way of sharing not only the process of going gray, but also about aging. I keep finding myself laughing out loud as she (a married woman) shares her experiment of posting her before and after photos on and received more interest with the gray hair, going to bars to see if there is interest in women with gray hair (there is!) except at gay bars, impersonating a stay at home mom trying to get back into the corporate world with gray hair (difficult to do), visiting LA and realizing gray hair doesn’t exist there, and coming to the realization that gray hair doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. She visited three different image consultants that all loved her gray hair but had much to comment on her choice of clothing and shoes. She found going through her clothing and getting rid of her big-shoulder-padded suits from the 90’s was almost as difficult as going without hair coloring! I still have a few chapters to read, but have found Anne Kreamer to be truly inspirational!

2 thoughts on “Shiny Gray Hairs are Here!

  1. Leanne PB

    Hi Cateepoo!! Thanks for sending me the link-and for writing this blog! I read all of your June posts so far. Thanks for making me smile, cry, and THINK!


  2. I can certainly relate to not being able to find a corporate job when you have gray hair. I started going gray when I was 32. I have never colored my hair, because I love my natural gray color. I was laid off from a corporate job after 20 years when I was 46. I tried to find another job for more than 4 years, but I “looked” too old. I was offered jobs making $6.50 per hour!!! And me with 20 years of experience and loads of knowledge. I couldn’t pay my bills or buy groceries with that wonderful salary. So, we did the most logical thing we could think of, we sold all our stuff and started working at campgrounds. Nobody cares if you have gray hair when you work at a campground. They don’t even care if you wear jeans to the office. Who knew?


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