A Clean Refrigerator

This week I shared with Stacey the frustration I feel that the house is crumbling underneath me. Steve, Alexander and Sophia help out A LOT, but there are some things that only a mom does and I just I haven’t been able to do these things in the last several months. One thing that was driving me crazy was the refrigerator. It was horrible. I have never been one to clean the refrigerator often, but it was to the point that I wasn’t sure food was safe in it. Anyhow, on Friday night, Stacey watched the kids so Steve and I could go out to eat and celebrate our 20th anniversary. When we came home, Sophia had a big smile on her face. I asked what was going on and she said, “It is a surprise.” Well, it was a surprise! The refrigerator was clean! It looked beautiful! Stacey had taken all the food out and cleaned everything. My reaction: cry. It was such a wonderful gift.

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